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Las Vegas, NV  ( January 22, 2013 -- After a nearly six-year hiatus from the racetrack, brothers Shaun and Derek Polack have clinched the 2012 Silver State Championship and are headed to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway Championship and the National INEX Championship starting Sunday, March 11.

The pair found early success after getting back behind the wheel since last driving in the 2005 CASCAR series in Western Canada. Just over 10 months ago, Stony Plain, AB native Shaun Polack moved to Las Vegas and entered in a Thunder Roadster at the 3/8 mile oval, known as the Bullring, to run a select few races.

The younger Polack achieved five podium finishes in his first five races, including a feature win and placed 5th in the 2011 Thunder Roadster World Championships in October 2011.

"Racing in the world championship was a very cool experience, you have racers come from all over the country and even down from Canada to one track for the race," said Shaun. "The cars all have the same spec-motor so everyone is on the same playing field, the cars are incredibly close and the competitiveness is amazing."

Just a couple of months after Shaun's success in the Thunder Roadster World Championships, the brothers reunited on the track at the Silver State Championship in Las Vegas on January 28 and 29. The pair dominated the 8 race series, sweeping the top two finishing positions in five events, Derek collected five wins in the eight-race series and Shaun finished 2nd in all five of his older brother's first-place victories.

The brothers are now looking forward to chasing down the Las Vegas Motor Speedway Championship and the National INEX Championship.

The pair will compete in over 30 different races from March to the end of October.

The first event will take place on the front stretch of the superspeedway immediately following the NASCAR Sprint Cup series on Sunday, March 11th.

"Racing on the same track as NASCAR on Sunday will be exciting and we're both looking forward to competing in front of a large audience," said Shaun.

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( January 22, 2013 -- Gogo florist offers special flowers for Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is mostly celebrated by most teenagers in Thailand. Flowers had a great significance during this special day to express a person's love to their special someone. As flowers symbolizes adoration and passion of someone for the one he or she loves or admires, Gogo Florist from Thailand provides everyone with their flowers specially delivered on time for valentine's day celebration.

To state a fact, Valentine's Day is popularly celebrated in the country of Thailand. It has a great importance in Thai society to celebrate Valentine's Day than it does in the Western culture. Each year, this special day is mostly celebrated with enthusiasm and vigor throughout the country. Hence, there are numerous flower shops that can be found throughout the country. This encourages people most especially teenagers to prefer flowers during this day of love.

Valentine's Day is not a part of Thailand's ancient culture. However, it is a part of the country's recent addiction to western cultural influences that has been inflicted in the country by the modern retail sector of Thailand. It has been said to be a grand celebration of courtship just like in America but taken into a new level of excitement. Hence, chocolates, teddy bears and flowers always come in the picture as inclusion to the celebration. It seems like a tradition to give flowers during Valentine's Day as a symbol of love and admiration. Hence, Gogo Florist provides flowers that would surely complete someone's special Valentine.

Deep-rooted in the society, even children give each child of the opposite sex a flower during Valentine's Day in Thailand. Just imagine how flowers play an important on this love day. One could infer that the reason why there are many flower shops found in Thailand is that it is greatly demanded by many. Further, they somehow differ on the type of payment, mode of delivery and efficiency of service they offer to most of their clients. Gogo Florist then provides a good delivery services that many would mostly prefer for Valentine's Day.

For more information about Gogo Florist, everyone could visit their official website at . They could also post their comments and queries about the special offers they provide for Valentine's Day celebration directed to their customer support representatives. Hence, they could also read customer reports and reviews about the florist's service posted at their official website.

Gogo Florist
Tha Klang Bangkok, Bangkok
Phone: 089-6368365

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( January 22, 2013 -- 12FACE Ltd, a leading New Zealand inbound travel company, currently offers low-priced tour New Zealand packages. The mission of the said company is to provide tourists the best vacation experience in the country by meeting their personal needs and budget.

The company offers small group New Zealand tour packages in some of the most beautiful places in New Zealand such as Coromandel, Waheke Island, Hawkes, Taupo, Rotorua, Waikato and Auckland wherein tourists can enjoy gardens and horticulture, adventure challenges, kayaking, cruising/sailing, golf, fishing, and other exciting activities.

Directors Matthew Bayani and his wife, Banafshe Lahooti, were amazed by the beauty of New Zealand after visiting the country 5 years ago. Soon after, the two decided to establish 12FACE Ltd, which is devoted to providing a stress-free and memorable NZ tour. Bayani claims that from the beginning, he was impressed by the openness and honesty of New Zealanders and the enormous pride they had in their country.

To meet the company's mission, Bayani and Lahooti established a team of skilled and experienced professionals in the travel and tourism industry, fully committed to assist every client with individualized travel itineraries the moment they set foot on the airport until they go back home.

To ensure the full satisfaction of clients, the company offers different tour varieties to choose from such as family tour New Zealand, NZ tour for aged people, New Zealand guided tour, and NZ sightseeing tour. These tour varieties differ in features and rates based on certain factors. The company encourages any interested clients to consult with its team before deciding to choose any tour package.

The company also offers a complete Auckland day tour, being one of the most favorite tour varieties of its clients. As a bonus, those who choose this tour can also opt for an exclusive private hire Auckland service.

With the first-class New Zealand travel services offered by 12FACE Ltd, it is anticipating for more clients in the next coming months. The company also promises to offer new tour packages to suit the needs and budget of different clients from all over the world.
As of now, 12FACE Ltd is reinforcing its marketing campaigns to let more people know about its low-priced tour packages.


For more information about 12FACE Ltd and its different New Zealand tour varieties and packages, interested individuals are advised to visit its website at or its office location at P. O. Box 217-112, Botany Junction, Auckland 2164, New Zealand. For more inquiries, interested individuals can also contact Mathew Bayani by calling +64 9 534 2967 or +64 9 534 8932 or by sending an email to Adres poczty elektronicznej jest chroniony przed robotami spamującymi. W przeglądarce musi być włączona obsługa JavaScript, żeby go zobaczyć. .

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Canadian Alt/Pop group Wakeup Starlight to release their much anticipated sophomore record on Feb 1st. Merging Christianity with Progressive politics.

( January 22, 2013 -- The White Flags of Alderaan, is an oddly titled, strange release from Wakeup Starlight, a Canadian Alt/Pop group. The obscure reference to Princess Leia's doomed planet in Star Wars, Episode IV is no indication of the general sound of this group. Pushing towards a grassroots AAA campaign alongside the likes of Mumford & Sons, and The Lumineers, Wakeup Starlight hopes their brand of Canadian Alternative music will catch on with a worldwide audience. All signs point toward this possibility as The White Flags of Alderaan, though only 5 songs strong, is not only tremendously catchy, but new in it's approach to combine Pop music with it's rebellious cousin, Alternative Rock.

Opening with a sad folky track, aptly titled, Loco Train (A Canadian Tragedy), reminiscent of Early Ben Folds and Paul Simon sounds, lead singer Caleb Cummings leads us through the all too common despair of being dumped hardcore by his longtime girlfriend. Then there's a strange, apocalyptic, hillbilly warning called The Earth is Dying; Cryptically metaphorical Ska track, The Lions, and a strange array of other sounds and emotions pack this short, sweet album with heart and soul. Though obviously constrained by it's indie budget, the band makes up for it by focusing all their energy on the songs, which shine through with a sincerity rarely seen in this side of the industry.

Upon a closer listen, there are signs of a decidedly Christian element to Wakeup Starlight's constitution, but unlike artists overtly branded as such, with their all too common, gag inducing lyrics, and shallow portrayal of Christianity, this record reeks of sincerity, and the struggle to reconcile the Faith with honesty and progressive, thinking.

Available on iTunes and Android stores now, listen for Wakeup Starlight's The White Flags of Alderaan making whispers in your neck of the woods.

Contact: Jon Cummings
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Airdrie, AB, Canada T4B 2A4

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( January 22, 2013 -- has published a comprehensive article on feng shui predictions for the year 2013 on their website. These predictions are provided for free to visitors. So make your way there and find out what's installed for you in the year of the snake 2013.

Feng Shui predictions for every New Year come from different sources. When it comes to global predictions we can talk generally, or in terms of directionology as it is quite related to the individual house, and also the basis of observation on individual's date of birth.

The Year of the Snake will be a good year for some individuals, but it is not necessary that it's a good year for the individuals born in the Year of Snake, like as the years 1953, 1965, 1977, or 1989. Snake people are of five different types (Earth, Water, Fire, Wood or Metal Snakes). It may sound similar to Chinese Astrology due to the reason that the combination of these predictive arts works really well together. The year of the Snake is considered very challenging for the individuals born in the Year of the Pig because those two signs always oppose each other.

The Snake and Pig directions on a larger scale can be referred to as accident prone in the year of Snake. When it comes to referring a particular type of map, these two directions are actually relative or comparative to the center point, so obviously the overlapping influences are must. The direction of Snake is S/SE as well as the direction of Pig is N/NW. many of you may not be aware of the fact that the zodiac signs are related to both direction and time!

In order to locate these directions with reference to the country or state you live in, remember that these directions are relative to the geometric center of the state or country.

Hence the basis of these predictions may be on an individual city or even as per common domain of a Feng Shui practitioners, particular business or house.

In case of Chinese Astrology a 12 year repeating cycle is imparted while in Feng Shui the duration is 9 year repeating cycle and also 20 Year Eras. So for example, the same annual energy will reside to your bedroom in 2013 that resided there in the year 2004. If the direction of your bedroom is in the southeast, then in the year 2013 you can expect more romantic encounters. The annual Five Yellow Star is staying in the center (this direction is not technical direction). There is association of 5 Yellow Star with disasters and pain in the present times we live in. We are living in Period 8 (2004- 2024), this combination of "earth" energies can give rise to natural disasters related to earth i.e. earthquakes, drought or landslides.

The 5 Yellow Star is also related to delays or set-backs and there is no escape for everyone living on the planet. At this point the individual destiny and the individual house actually come into focus. For example, a person living in a house with the annual 2 star of health and sickness possibly at the front door in 2013 (Southwest) and so their annual prospects may not be as compared to someone with annual 8 wealth star (Northeast) at front door in the year 2013. According to the Xuan Kong Fei Xing (Flying Star School) the age of the house is important than the annual cycles for determining the experiences of occupants. The role of annual cycles is for triggering the more dormant energies. Theoretically, there is high potential for fire incidents in the direction of south in the year 2013 and the risk can be higher if that annual force combines an area of a floor plan vulnerable to a fire already. On the contrary, to some the annual 9 fire star could combine positive energy and can actually bring great fortune. For this reason competent and for discovering the uniqueness of each property the comprehensive evaluation is must.

For the year 2013 one of the aspects of uniqueness will be the annual "star" in every direction will be equal or match with the inherent element for the eight basic directions. Here is the example that in the year 2013 the annual 1 star will be in the North. The 1 star as well as the North vibrates with the element water. The annual 7 metal begin will be in the west which is naturally a "metal" type direction. This will intensify the negative and positive influences of every direction.

In history, these durations were taken very seriously that even the Chinese emperors used to wear robes in the color linked with the grander cycles or season of the time. Those who are interested in potential for the year must enlist the services of a Feng Shui master, highly professional or trained astrologer or Nine Star Ki diviner to look deeply into the stars for you personally. As you know the general predictions are after all general.

About is the premier online feng shui store that offers not just quality feng shui products but detailed information on how to make use of feng shui to improve your health, wealth and luck. Check out for more information.

Contact info:
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