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Sikeston, MO, US  ( January 22, 2013 -- has brought a wide range of memory foam products that can be the source of good night's sleep for its customers.

After having made a name for itself in the furniture industry, moved on to selling memory foam products online. Over the years the company has managed to build a huge facility where basic memory foam pieces are sent. These layers are then put together, compressed, rolled and shipped to users. And since the process is carried out in-house, the company can offer its products to its customers are affordable prices.

The huge collection of products offered by the company includes memory foam mattresses, the benefits of which are now well known. There are visco-elastic memory foam toppers to look forward to as well and they have many sensational advantages for users. These mattress foam toppers are made using high density material and have the ability of cradling a user's body. That's the reason they reduce the pressure exerted on a user's body while sleeping and hence they can sleep comfortably at nights.

These toppers are 3 inches thick and made from hypoallergenic material, which works like a charm for users who tend to suffer from allergies. And memory foam is antimicrobial and resistant to dust mite too, which is an added advantage. Memory foam mattress toppers that come from are not imported but made in the US itself, which can keep users' mind at rest about their overall quality.

In fact it's true for different types of products that are brought to users by the company. From different sized mattresses to memory foam pillows, there are many products in store to ensure that users get everything they want to get good night's sleep, at their one stop shop. Camper RV memory foam mattresses can also be found at the store and users can make their choice easily from many brilliant options in front of them.

While they are assured of the quality of the products they buy they also know that they are buying them at competitive prices, which are in many ways the best price they can get in the country. Thus they get fantastic value for their money when they buy products from this website.

Log on to to view the complete range.

Media Contact:
Roger Stewart
81 Crazy Horse Lane
Sikeston, MO 63801
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San Francisco, CA ( January 22, 2013 -- The Lubbock shoppers and United Supermarkets will be teaming up in order to donate beef jerky to the troops overseas.

The beef jerky drive is a co-oped effort by the supermarket chain and Fio-Lay. United's Lubbock stores, which include the Amigos and Market Street locations, will be hosting the drop-off locations on Saturday. Stored in Littlefield, Levelland, Brownfield, and Lamesa will be offering drop-off locations as well.

The cooperative effort marks the second year that the companies will be working side-by-side. It is also the first that will see all the united stores participating.

The drive will collected close to $40,000 of beef jerky last year. Lubbock stores contributed nearly $23,000 of the total of jerky raised, according to the United Supermarkets director, Eddie Owens.

"I think it goes without saying we should do everything within our power to support our troops," Owens said. "This is a very little thing we can do, both for our customers and our stores."

Those interested in helping can donate at Frito-Lay tables inside the stores. United is set to drop its prices of Matador beef jerky by 20% as well as provide a coupon that will drop the total price by 40%, in an effort to spur the effort.

Frito-Lay previously collected beef jerky from United stores in Plainview, Post, and Dumas. The Slanton store operations manager noted that the drive went well.

"It is for our troops; you have to support our troops," Stice said. "They're risking their lives for us."

At the same location, Drew Clark, district sales leader, agreed the drive was a success. Clark added that the level of support in small towns is amazing.

"It is wonderful to see how people are willing to give back to our soldiers," Clark said. "It feels great; I feel honored to be able to do this."

"I think we need to take care of the country by taking care of the people who take care of us," said Nancy Lopez, service manager for the Plainview United.

Lopez noted that her uncle served, and he appreciated the packages he received from home while serving abroad.

"There are some things they can't get over there," she said, "and they miss it."

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Contact: Jeremy Kings
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Phone: 8167654353

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San Francisco, CA ( January 22, 2013 -- The Mahakumbh have begun, and due to the celebration, district administrations as well as state government have begun to focus concerted effort for industry like leather tanning. There are several tanneries in the Jajmau region altogether that have stopped the treatment process of raw leather in their units, while other tanneries have suspended their process as of last week.

According to the Small tanners Association, the processing of the raw leather takes as many as 12 days' time. Hafeezur Rehman, who is president of the small Tanners Association stated that tanneries would likely remain closed during Kumbh, or continue to work their auxiliary processing in the meantime.

Rehman stated that the tanneries suspending their workflow of raw leather for the six week period, due to the Kumbh hair at Allahabad, and thus a large number of workers will be affected. There are nearly 15,000 temp workers that would be put into employment during this period, the president stated. Those tanneries that have already planned to shift their workers into the dry leather work were forced to close their united, according to Rehman. He added that the large tanneries were the only facilities that had dry work, and smaller facilities lacked such auxiliary work, and thus are forced to close.

At the same time, some export units have noted that the fulfillment of orders is a necessity, and thus they would have their orders processed via Chennai. Proprietor of the East West tanners in Ehsanullah stated: "We had closed the process work in our tanneries and permanent staff has been shifted to dry work sections. Remaining have been asked to take rest till the tannery resumes normal operations."

Also closing for the six weeks was the Oriental leather finishers. As a result, the state government asked that tanneries and similar industries across the bank of the river Ganges must check discharge of waste into river to promote higher quality of water.

About Leather Creations Furniture:
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Contact: Ryan Merket
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Phone: 9178765645

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San Francisco, CA ( January 22, 2013 -- Dr. Benjamin S. Luire, who works as a chiropractor in Las Vegas, has become more creative when it comes to finding ways to stay in touch with his patients, as the professional uses social media.

Lurie utilizes the social media option, posting wellness tips via Facebook and Twitter, because it allows him the latest option in promoting education and understanding of pain management. He can share videos from YouTube, and give helpful reminders to patients on a regular basis.

Lurie's practice also uses Google+ to engage with its patience. According to Dr. Lurie, the approach to communication is something that allows him to keep in touch with patients and keep them informed about all the latest in the health and wellbeing spectrum. Utilization of social media to raise awareness in both health and pain management is a simple and natural extension to the practices commitment to making sure patients are properly informed, says Lurie.

The chiropractic patients of the Neck and Back Clinics in Las Vegas Nevada are now capable of staying in touch with the practice via all of the major social media outlets.

"Our practice is committed to patient education," said Dr. Lurie. "Our care goes beyond the chiropractor's office, and includes injury-prevention and wellness tips for whole body health. Social media naturally complements our commitment to our patients' well-being."

Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with patients," said Dr. Lurie. "A posting on their Facebook newsfeed is the perfect way to remind patients to care for their bodies and share important news."

Lurie's practice even shares news about local community involvement, such as the 2013 Natalie Gulbis Golf Classic Benefitting the Boys & Girls Clubs of Henderson.

"Many people are unfamiliar with the benefits of chiropractic adjustments," said Dr. Lurie. "We are using social media to not only educate patients, but also reach out to our community. Our proactive approach to pain management injury rehabilitation is different from traditional medical care, and we are excited to educate individuals about these important benefits."

About North Royalton Chiropractor:
North Royalton Chiropractor ( gives visitors the information they need on the services they desire. Learn about the varying services provided by the professionals at the North Royalton Chiropractor website.

Contact: Tim Jones
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San Francisco, CA ( January 22, 2013 -- It was not long ago that Costa Rica was considered a country that was made for backpackers and rough-and-tumble adventure seekers. There were few business-class hotels in the capital city, let alone the entire country, and other than some isolated luxury properties that were scattered throughout the land, most travelers did not expect they could travel in style. Now that has all changed, and one can enjoy the beautiful country and its magnificent jungles and beaches, without having to be a 20-something who is destined for hotel life.

The economy has grown fast in Costa Rica, and because of that the country has been able to keep up with the demand of its many tourists and visitors. Through this funding they have been able to build better roads, more comfortable and hospitable hotel locations, and provide excellent entertainment services.

The tag that is often used to describe the many wonderful tourist respites is "ecolodge" or "ecoresort", which may conjure the visions of a hippie commune, but don't be fooled! While the Costa Rican Sustainable Tourism Program does do its job to ensure that tourist properties attempt to stay ecologically friendly, the facilities are often luxurious and state-of-the-art.

The upscale remodeling of Costa Rica provides the elegance that many tourists desire, while still maintaining the Latin American culture that makes the country and its people so unique.

Of the many places to stay, areas like the Gulf of Papagayo, Lake and Mount Arenal, and The Cloud Forests are just a small handful of the almost countless beautiful, safe, and inspiring locations Costa Rica has to offer.

The Gulf of Papagayo is a posh location on the north-wester Guanacaste Province that is quickly becoming a world favorite. Once known for its sabaneros and horses, Papagayo Peninsula has become one of the most luxurious locations in Central America. It is located just minutes from the Liberia airport, one of the two international airports in the country.

The Arenal region is also located in the Guanacaste region, and is home to some of the best inland climate a country can enjoy. Whether spending time in towns like Nuevo Arenal or Tronadora, or enjoying the mountain and lake themselves, the mixture of natural and nurture found in the many small towns in the area is a vacationers paradise.

For those who are not fans of the humidity that often comes with Costa Rica, and really want to come face-to-face with the jungle that is the heartbeat of the country, exploring the Cloud Forest may be the the best bet. It is one of the most popular destinations in Costa Rica, and gives people a chance to see nature in all its glory, while staying at reasonable temperatures anyone can handle.

About The Springs Costa Rica:
The Springs Costa Rica ( provides top-quality luxury and enjoyment while in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Take in all that Costa Rica has to offer, while enjoying the amenities of home by visiting

Contact: Neol Jones
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Phone: 8165432425

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